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Bull      Edinburgh 2019

It’s a cull to save the species

In the struggle for survival in Mike Bartlett’s short play, directed by Adam Tomkins, no blow is too low.

One of three office workers is about to lose their job. As Tony, Isobel and Thomas wait for their boss to deliver the verdict, the three discuss each other’s chances of survival. For alpha male Tony and calculating Isobel, it’s clear that Thomas is getting the chop.

A razor-sharp play about the fine line between office politics and playground bullying which exposes the vicious side of human nature and the power of words.

First performed in the Scottish Community Drama Association’s One-Act Festival; revived for the Edinburgh Fringe.

with (pictured) Alan Paterson, George Bowers, Jami Stewart and Naya Anastasiadou

George Bowers was replaced in the role of Thomas by Jake McGarry for the Fringe

“impressive” All Edinburgh Theatre

“must see” Corr Blimey 

“tension builds throughout” edfringereview